Month: June 2012



The idea of inviting this great preacher, an Indian by origin, came about three years ago when Brother Robert Khachatryan from USA asked to invite Ravi Zacharias to Armenia, where he could share his experience and the witness of his faith. After a long prayer for three years, finally he visited us. For that unique occasion we organized two meetings and on these meetings participated five different Churches of Armenia: Christian Church of Evangelical Faith (Historical Pentecostal), Nazarene Church, Brotherhood Group of Armenian Apostolic Church, Brotherhood Bible Church and Armenian Evangelical Christian Baptist Church.
Ravi Zacharias was born in India. He spend his childhood in poverty, as he remembered “we were so poor, that except my everyday school uniform I didn’t have any cloth, and my mom couldn’t even give me pocket money to spend.” At the age twenty he moved to Canada with his family, where God transformed his life.
Ravi Zacharias is a professor at the Oxford University, author of over twenty-nine books. Over twenty years he has been traveling all over the world, preaching God’s truth. He has visited to about sixty countries, taught in the Military Academy in Moscow. He has mostly visited to disaster regions, where he tried to convince people that the existence of every human being, every God’s creature is not a coincidence. As he says, often we think many things around us are results of coincidence, but we have to understand that nothing in the world exists by chance and everything bears in itself a witness of its creator.
We are thankful to Ravi, as he through his visit and preaching once again reminded us the fact that everyone of us has a purpose for his life. As he puts it “Everyone of us has a purpose of life, and that purpose for us as Christians is to have a relationship with him, i.e., to serve him in spirit and truth.”
Thank God for his children like Ravi Zacharias. May the Lord bless him and give him a long and fruitful life. His wish is “May the Lord bless you, make you his light in this world and keep your faith unshaken.” Amen.