Month: August 2011



The history of our seminary begins with those who many years ago established and guided the Armenian Evangelical Baptist movement. Enduring many persecutions and trials during the 20th century, they became only more convinced of the need for educated, trained servants of the Gospel, for the advancement and strengthening of the Church in Armenia .In 1998 the first lectures of the Theological Seminary of Armenia were held on the premises of the Central Baptist Church in Yerevan. In 2001, the seminary graduated its first seventeen students.Groundbreaking for the seminary’s own educational building took place in the city of Ashtarak in May of 2000. By January 2003 both the educational building and a separate dormitory had been fully constructed. Today the seminary has an enrollment of 50 students, comprising two programs: Preachers and Christian Education.In training and sending out men and women to witness for Christ, plant churches and teach believers to grow in their spiritual walk, TSA is fulfilling the mission for which the Lord has certainly called us. Our mission further consists in setting the highest standards of faithfulness to the Word of God and its life-changing applications in order to fully equip the Church in a newly independent Armenia to meet the challenges of the 21st century.




The overriding purpose of the Theological Seminary of Armenia is to promulgate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this pursuit, the seminary aims to prepare preachers who deeply grasp and effectively communicate the Word of God.Over the course of three years, student preachers study Bible, theology, church history, homiletics, pastoral
ministry, and other subjects. At the same time, each student is required to minister in a local church, putting into practice what he has learned.



“>The aim of this department is to prepare those who will teach in the Sunday School and proceed to other educational ministries of the Church. The department accepts men and women for a two-year course of study.During their studies, Christian Education students receive a thorough grounding in Scripture as well as training in pedagogical methods and communication skills. At the same time, they are required to serve in their local churches, putting to immediate use what they have gained in the classroom.