Month: June 2010



Our God has blessed us with many things and one of His blessings is His children coming together to worship our Lord Jesus Christ. This year was organized the 12th Congress of Armenian Evangelical Christian Baptist Churches, which brought together pastors and leaders of churches. The Armenian Evangelical Christian Baptist Churches has formed a good tradition in pastors coming together once a year for a conference. During the congress main issues that affect different congregations are discussed. Our brothers in Christ share their blessings and difficulties and discuss the challenges our churches face nowadays. Brothers keep on coming together every year and they testify that every year they come away more encouraged for doing the Lord’s work.
This year was no exception. Between June 30 and July 2, ninety pastors and church planters came together for our annual meetings. During the congress we had worship times and lectures, which were led by Rev. Gagik Tarverdyan and Rev. Asatur Nahapetyan from Armenia, as well as by Dr. Ray Glinsky and brother David Newton from the Grace Church of Chicago. At the same time during the conference were received news, reports and challenges from the brothers. This year new brothers joined us for the congress and we enjoyed listening to new testimonies about what God is doing in Armenia. As we have already mentioned, the whole conference itself was an act of worship to God and we would like to share with you some of the topics of the lectures. Today, as well as 2000 years ago, the goal of the church is to worship God. Worship is addressed to God and every Christian should ask himself, “How can I bring glory to my God? How can I glorify Him?” He is worthy of our praise because He is our Savior and God.
Worship is not a temporary thing – it never ends. It is constant and it is the essence of a Christian’s life.
Where can I worship? When can I worship? Those are questions we should think about, dear reader. Do we worship God on Sundays only or should we worship God every day of the week? Well, we are to worship our God always because He is everywhere and He is always present. It does not matter whether you are a spiritual leader, a worker or a student, your life should be an act of sincere worship to the Creator. God wants His children to worship Him in Spirit and Truth (John 4:24).
This means that God wants to see the state of our heart. It is through a sincere worship of God that it is seen how much we love our God. The whole life of a Christian should be an act of worship and a gift to our Lord.
Biblical Eldership
The topic of Biblical Eldership is very important and it was talked about at the conference. Biblical elders are a group of men who devote themselves to teaching God’s Word to others for Jesus’ glory. God chooses men for eldership and pastoral ministry. In the Scriptures, the plural is always used when referring to elders – i.e. a church should have several elders who are called to spiritual ministry. We can see from Peter’s letters that after planting churches, he put elders (plural) in place and not just a single elder. Elders are called to minister together and to share in the ministries of the church. Biblical Eldership is very important both in church doctrine and leadership. Leaders are called to guard the church from false teachings and in the case when there are several elders in a church it is easier to do so. Praise the Lord that during the last few years, new brothers have been assigned to pastoral ministries in the Baptist Churches of Armenia.